16 Mar Hello World!

Thank you for checking out our website, and finding our blog.  Here is a quick intro on what we do so you know, and we can test our blog page out! Scarlet & Fern work with artisans & designers to bring you a selection of exclusive, widely (globally) sourced interior products.  By bringing together pattern & colour, we encourage you to experiment with your style by trying something a little different.  With designs derived from nature & the environment, as well as urban life, we specialise in the 'art of beautiful living'. Really, we are combining passion, skills and experience to create something we love, where it will grow and evolve with us, as our community builds. We hope you keep in touch with our developments, new products and future projects.  Sign up for our newsletter, and follow us on our social media links on our home page. Bye for now - Blog post number 2 to follow real soon!      ...

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Currently, we only deliver to UK addresses. If you are an international customer and just have to have one of our shades, please get in touch and we can arrange delivery for you as a special order.