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We currently only work with ‘Drum’ lampshades.


Available in a variety of sizes, each drum lampshade is handmade to order and according to your preference will be made up to fit a ceiling pendant, table or floor lamp.


Size Diameter Height (In Inches)
Small 20cm 18cm 8” x 7”
Medium 30cm 21cm 12” x 8”
Large 40cm 25cm 16” x 10”
Larger 45cm 28cm 18” x 11”
XL 50cm 28cm 20” x 11”
XXL 70cm 28cm 28” x 11”
How do I choose the right size?

The rule of thumb is that you should choose a shade that is two thirds the height of the base.  The width (diameter) of the lampshade should be slightly larger than the widest part of your base.


Table Lamp

Choose a 20cm diameter – 45cm diameter, depending on the size and shape of the base.  A small bed-side lamp base suits a 20cm, but for a living room we would select something larger for more impact.  Our 30cm shades are very popular for a living room table lamp but if you have a large base, go large!


Floor Lamp

For a standard floor lamp, depending on the scale of the base, we would suggest opting for e 40cm – 50cm base.  However, if you have space, and the base is hefty, opt for a 60/70cm!


Ceiling Pendant

We suggest 30cm – 40cm diameter for a bedroom.  If you want to create impact and ‘wow’ factor, use a larger shade.  One large shade over a table is far more dramatic than 3 smaller ones!  Consider using a diffuser if people will gather below to make the light source softer (a dining table is the perfect example).





Rules can be broken, so if you are confident in your interior scheme, and overall design of the room, be bold and mix ‘n’ match your shades/sizes!


However, please remember:

Once your bespoke/custom made lampshade has been made it is non-returnable unless damaged.

Currently, we only deliver to UK addresses. If you are an international customer and just have to have one of our shades, please get in touch and we can arrange delivery for you as a special order.